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Creating Custom eLearning

Solutions Since 2002

Two Cabinets

Two cabinets and a door

Every desk at XM is just two filing cabinets supporting a plain wooden door. That's right, a door. When we started our company, we focused on our clients, not unnecessary office expenses. The XM founders made each desk out of two $5 filing cabinets and a $12 door.

When you walk into Xcelerate Media today, you'll see over 50 desks from the same doors and cabinets. If you want great Learning Solutions at the best price available, Xcelerate Media is the one for you. If you want to pay for a marble lobby, we're happy to recommend our competition.

Our Services

eLearning solutions
Custom Training solutions
LMS (Learning Management System)

Digital marketing presentations
Instructor-led training programs
Individual managed services
Mobile applications
E-book development
Video and audio solutions
Language translation services


We start by understanding the customers needs.


We meet with the client and create a project plan.


We design the solution from the initial outlines to the final storyboards.


We develop the solution to its final format and deliver on schedule.

Our process

Why XM?

Every company needs to train its employees. With the same Custom Learning Solution you can train as few as five key employees, or over ten thousand. is literally the one and only thing we do.

Xcelerate Media has been doing Custom Learning Solutions for over 16 years, and nothing else. It is literally the one and only thing we do. Over the years we've seen that each company has their own specific needs, their own way of learning. We're experts at creating custom eLearning that caters to the needs of each company, fast and cost-effectively. This expertise has many of our clients coming back to us again and again. Just take a look at who we've worked with.

Why XM?
Our clients
Companies we've worked with

View a free demonstration

We offer a free demonstration to companies interested in our services. Let us show you why we're considered one of the best in the business.

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